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We are connected Hooray!

a happy man cheering because he knows how to use the internet to share help ideas
We live in a great time of opportunity, lets use the internet to help each other.

Lets use the internet to help each other. Modern times bring about a new way to communicate, we only have to walk down the road or sit on a bus or train to see people buried in their smart phones.

I am as guilty as the next person for excercising my fingers, where maybe I should be remembering the art of verbal conversation!

But of course there are many great advantages to having the internet in our pockets, one of which is that we can google a question when we need help.

Not only the ‘How do I set my new washing machine to wash delicates with a delay of 4 hours?’ type of questions.

Also those questions we ask during moments when we need some inspiration, like of ‘How do I try to keep a positive mind during this time of stress?

Lets rejoice in this age of communication we are lucky enough to live in, use this tool we’ve been given and try to help each other to create a better world.

If you ever have a question you need to ask, it probably means that someone else has already asked it, and has been given some very intuitive answers.

Thinking back several years ago, I remember asking ‘How to tile a wall for the complete novice‘.

I had plenty of links, both video and text based to scour through, and after finding Tommy’s Trade Sectrets, I went ahead and retiled a wall in my shower room!

I must say (in a humble voice) that I was rather pleased with the result too!

That is what we want to do with this blog, I hope you get some help from back2bachelor.

If you have any ideas on subjects you’d like to discuss, please let us know…

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