Feel good, Happy

Wake up and feel good For a good day ahead

stretching in bed to start your day well
We all want to be happy in life.

Do you want to start your day well? It’s so easy to fall into the trap of believing that we can gain happiness from our external world.

We can go to the suerpmarket and buy chocolate and ice cream. We can treat ourselves to that new creature comfort we’ve been looking at for our house. Let’s book a holiday to relax on the beach for a week or two and forget about our hectic lives, it’s done in 10 minutes with a few clicks on the mouse.

But these solutions are really quick fixes. Just think how guilty we feel after indulging in all of that sugary food afterwards. We’ve got used to the new 55″ tv screen with ultra high definition and the buzz of watching our favorite movie or box set on it is wearing off. And two weeks after returning from our holidays and the reality of work has us where we were before we went!

What we are missing here is contentment.

This is not achieved with the quick fix buzz of spoiling ourselves with something new in the consumer world we live in. Contentment is achieved by being happy from within. In other words It’s a constant feeling of being ok with ourselves, being happy with who we are, having an inner peace that allows us to look out upon our world with loving eyes.

Now being able to achieve this feeling of inner peace is not easy, especially when we are constantly bombarded with the press and tv telling us we always need more in life, to be thinner, look younger, keep up with the neighbors and buy that brand new car, to constantly want greater and greater!!

Learning inner peace is a huge topic in itself, but starting your day on the right foot to feel happy is a good start…

There are a few simple things you can do start your day well.

Maximise sleep and wake up early

When you wake up, smile and stretch

Make your bed, tidy your bedroom

Shower and clean your teeth

Say thank you to the universe for something in your life

Put on a positive song like  Farrell Williams – Happy

Eat a healthy breakfast or have a smoothie

Think of one good thing you will do that day, like smile at a stranger

If you are going to work and usually think ‘another long day ahead!’ change your thought to ‘I’m going to achieve something good today’

Try to make these a daily routine and feel happy!


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