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Clearing clutter in our homes and minds To allow our thoughts to be positive

white table in a neat home, after clearing clutter
So what is a good way to clear your mind? Easy, clearing clutter from our lives.

Excuse me? you might say. What do you mean by clearing clutter? Well, I mean that when we clean up our personal space, especially our home and work-place, we will feel the benefits of clarity in our minds. OK, it is only a part of the solution admittedly, but what better place to start than the immediate surroundings we inhabit, which will allow for us to view our micro-world as if it has been organised to some degree, therefore letting our minds feel as if we live in an ordered world.

Picture the following scenario – you’ve got a million and one things to do, they need doing yesterday. There’s the project at work or college that needs to be completed and your boss/lecturer is on your back! You have to sort out this year’s home insurance, or the car needs a new headlight bulb and you know the service is due in a week! There are three birthdays to think about, to buy presents for but you don’t know what to buy?

It feels like the whole world needs your time for something! Research shows that our stress system will rise during these times. Now add clutter to the mix within your environment, that clutter becomes a constant reminder of all those things you need to do.

Remember hearing about that trendy thing everyone seems to be talking about? That’s right Feng Shui. The Chinese metaphysical system used to create harmony around a person. The qi or universal energy is being blocked or at least isn’t allowed to flow freely if one’s environment is cluttered.

So the simple message is clearing clutter around you allows the universal energies to flow both through and around you, making you healthier and happier, and of course able to think more clearly.

But whether or not you believe in qi, imagine being in a room, for example, an office, there’s a desk and a chair, a window and a bookcase. Now picture a pile of paperwork next to a computer on the desk, some of the sheets of paper have spilled over onto the floor, the computer screen is dirty and there are wires sprouting out from the back of the monitor and trailing all over the floor. So you look out of the window but that too is dirty so you only get to see a translucent haze instead!

That is your office of today, you have to complete an important report for your department. So how motivated do you feel? Are you ready? Is your mind in the right place to begin? Probably not!


Let’s Clear The Clutter


So let’s imagine that desk again in the same room, but this time, there is a neat stack of papers next to a clean monitor, there is a cable tidy keeping all of the electric cables together, oh and the view from the window is of green trees and a blue sky, more to the point it is visible!
Your chair beckons you to the desk to begin that report. Now how do you feel? I expect you feel far more willing to get going with the task at hand.

This is especially true when our mind is overloaded with worries like the ones I mentioned earlier, it’s as if being in a more ordered environment gives us one less problem to worry about.
We can think with more clarity, and are more willing to face those tasks that we may otherwise choose to ignore.

So give it a try if you haven’t already, clear the clutter, have a spring clean and see how you feel…

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