Brain, Break up, Feel good

A chemically happy brain Can sleeping tablets or pharmacological aid help our psychological wellbeing?

a pile of mixed pills on a white surface.

What do I mean by A¬†chemically happy brain? Our brains are thinking, every second of our working lives our brains are active, even our sleeping patterns are intermittently infused with thoughts as dreams. Sometimes we feel like we are happy, and sometimes not! Thoughts create emotions and emotions affect our thoughts. When we are in a ‘good mood’ our emotions…

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Ask, Self Help

We are connected Hooray!

a happy man cheering because he knows how to use the internet to share help ideas

We live in a great time of opportunity, lets use the internet to help each other. Lets use the internet to help each other. Modern times bring about a new way to communicate, we only have to walk down the road or sit on a bus or train to see people buried in their smart phones. I am as guilty…

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